Serendipity 2018

FemTech Collective hosted the Women's Health Salon at Serendipity on October 26th and 27th at General Assembly in downtown San Francisco. We brought together 20+ speakers to connect with over 100 attendees for intimate salon-style sessions. Over the course of four sessions, we talked about self-care for busy founders and professionals, the future of family, public health and technology, and advancing the female focused health technology industry. 

Serendipity is a conference unlike any other, created to spark meaningful connections across industries and backgrounds. While FemTech Collective hosted the women's health portion of the conference, there were 9 other Serendipity sessions happening across downtown San Francisco, courtesy of the Guild, the main conference host. The Guild is a professional women's networking platform powered by A.I. 

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Thank You to Our Sponsors




Bloom Rituals



Women's Health House Sessions

Self-Care Session

Friday, October 26th

 9am-12pm @ General Assembly

Future of Family Session

Friday, October 26th

 2pm-5pm @ General Assembly 

Public Health 2.0 Session

Saturday, October 27th

9am-12pm @ General Assembly

FemTech Session

Saturday, October 27th

2pm-5pm @ General Assembly 

The Coaches of the Women's Health Salon

Mandy Hamilton


Performance Coach 

Mandy is a fitness director turned entrepreneur, currently running two active businesses. She is obsessed with thriving, life optimization, mission-driven companies, and empowering the leader in each of us. In a time where your greatest wealth is freedom, Mandy teaches individuals, managers, and teams, to be more productive and avoid burnout through her system "Reboot and Challenge."

Natasha Durel


Mindset Coach

Natasha is a Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. She introduces different modalities into her practice such as productivity strategizing and reframing thoughts. She challenges her clients to bring the same presence and impact that meditation creates beyond the classroom. 

Rachel Gadiel


Health Coach

Rachel is a wellness expert and the founder of Bloom Rituals - a company dedicated to shining a light on mental health being an essential part of our happiness and well-being, and bringing the magic back into daily self-care practices. After a decade in the corporate world of advertising and marketing, Rachel found herself burned out and wildly out of alignment with what brought her joy and purpose. A shift in gears led to following her natural passion for health and wellness where she became a certified Health Coach, a trained Life Coach and a certified 200RYT yoga teacher. Her mission is focused on empowering busy women, burned out from the stress of modern life, to take better care of themselves with nourishing self-care rituals so they can bloom to their best self.

Tara Viswanathan


Rupa Health

Tara (B.S. Wharton & M.S. Stanford) spent the last 10 years obsessed with studying how people can make better health related decisions. From working hands on with chronically ill patients to becoming a certified nutrition counselor to designing Stanford research experiments on the mind-body connection - she’s developed deep experience across the health space throughout her career. Now, Tara is founder & CEO of Rupa Health, an integrative health tech company that helps patients access top alternative healthcare providers in their area. (P.S. Rumor has it, they’re hiring 😉) Tara's also an aspiring instagram comedian. :)