Session 4: FemTech

Panel Discussion

FemTech: The Innovative Products and Services Shaping the Future of Female Health

In this discussion, we will learn about FemTech, the emerging category of female focused health technology products and services and hear from the innovative founders, investors, and healthcare professionals who are advancing this industry. 

Moderated by Stephanie Alys, Mystery Vibe 


Rebecca Story, The Bloomi

Shubhra Jain, Cota Capital

Andrea Barrica, O.School 


Lauren Weiniger, SAFE 


Workshop: FemTech Collective Hackathon

This session will be focused on creating better products and services for female health and how we can support startups as they innovate. The goal is to engage founders, funders, business support professionals, media, and consumers in a conversation about overcoming the unique challenges FemTech founders face. This interactive workshop will be a mini hackathon designed to identify ways to overcome barriers to innovation in the female health space creatively. No technical skills required! 

Facilitator: Nora Scully

FemTech Speakers

Stephanie Alys


Stephanie is a co-founder and Chief Pleasure Officer (CPO) for British lifestyle brand, MysteryVibe. The company develops highly personalised, luxury pleasure products through user-driven design and cutting-edge technology. 

As CPO, Stephanie focuses on encouraging dialogue as part of the company’s long-term vision to change perceptions around pleasure in a positive, empowering way. She believes that pleasure is a natural part of the human experience and is fundamental to our happiness. 

Recognised as a thought leader in sextech, she has been featured in publications such as the BBC, Times, Guardian, CNBC and TechCrunch. She regularly appears on international stages across Europe and Asia. 

Stephanie was awarded the Veuve Clicquot New Generation award in 2018. She was also chosen as 35 under 35 by Management Today in 2017.

Rebecca Story


Rebecca is a passionate women's health advocate with more than a decade of experience leading clinical and regulatory teams in the Bay Area.

 In 2016, Rebecca was inspired to make a conscious lifestyle change to live and eat as organic, plant-based and non-toxic as possible after caring for her mom with cancer. She also shifted her focus to intimate care products to understand the impact of the heavily unregulated market. She was shocked to discover that up to 98% of intimate care products contain toxic ingredients. This inspired her to create The Bloomi, the first e-marketplace that provides a full spectrum of healthy intimate care products for hygiene, menstrual cycle and sexual wellness needs. All items are screened in-house are and 100% non-toxic. 

The mission of the company is to inspire women to the CEO of their body. Rebecca graduated from UC Berkeley with a major she created, Women's Health & Sexuality, and holds a Master's in Sexuality Studies.

Shubhra Jain


Dr. Shubhra Jain leads healthcare investments at Cota Capital. Dr. Jain is a Physician by background, has her Masters in Engineering from Stanford with a major in Biodesign and her MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Prior to Cota, Dr. Jain was Associate Director of Commercial Strategy and Corporate Development at Natera where she focused on Biopharma Partnerships, the diligence of potential acquisitions, market research and competitive positioning. Prior to Natera, she led Product management for Acute care suite of products at Pieces Technologies where she led product development and launch of SaaS risk surveillance and prediction solutions for clinical outcomes and published peer-reviewed research on the subject. Prior to Pieces, Dr. Jain served as a consultant and an advisor to several health tech startups and Fortune 500 companies. 

Lauren Weiniger


Lauren is the Co-founder of SAFE which has created the easiest way to get tested for STDs and verify the health status of prospective partners. SAFE has direct partnerships with over 80% of testing facilities in the US, allowing data to be imported directly from labs and providers. Lauren's background is in Marketing and she has an MBA from the University of Oxford.

Meghan Conroy


Meghan has questioned for years why, in the most connected era in history, access to health care is still one of our biggest challenges. In 2012, she embarked on a journey to answer that challenge with CAPTUREPROOF. CAPTUREPROOF is the HIPAA-compliant app to capture, compare and share medical photos and video asynchronously to enable doctor-to-doctor and doctor-to-patient visual communication. Meghan’s journey to bring CAPTUREPROOF from concept to vision was a passion project, fusing her love of photography and her desire to help improve patients’ health. After earning a bachelor’s degree in physiology, Meghan started her career as a pharmaceutical rep at Abbott Laboratories and Johnson & Johnson. She launched 14 products into the medical market, always ranking within the top of the company’s sales force. After many successful years in pharma, Meghan moved to Paris to pursue a graduate degree in photography. She managed photography for clinical trials across Europe, where the need for CAPTUREPROOF became obvious, and a new dream – and CAPTUREPROOF Inc. – was born.

Andrea Barrica


Andrea Barrica is CEO/co-founder of, an online shame-free platform for pleasure education, powered by live-streaming and chat. Previously, Andrea co-founded YC-backed accounting and tax platform,, where she led sales and operations. She also served as a venture partner and entrepreneur-in-residence at 500 Startups, one of the world's most active, global seed funds.

FemTech Workshop Facilitator

Nora Scully


Nora is the founder of Scully Spark. She specializes in designing interactive experiences and creating custom opportunities for engagement. Nora is a Creative Facilitator, Coach, and Instructional Designer. She has a Masters in Instructional Design and creates custom engagements to help teams and individuals develop ideas using images, objects and stories that access solutions for companies and their customers.